Uwezo: The Engine For Sustainable Trade and Economic Resilience

Uwezo is the blockchain-enabled platform powering Sustainable Trade and Verifiable Impact.
Uwezo is starting in Africa: connecting Africa-related Trade Partners to markets across the world.

Our platform is the Engine for Sustainable Trade and Economic Resilience.

Uwezo's Blockchain Bridge completes transactions that are hundreds, and sometimes thousands of times faster than conventional Layer 1 blockchain solutions implementing Proof of Work systems. Through the implementation of gossip protocols and our publishing of Bridge States, we are able to finalize transactions in seconds while maintaining security, verifiability, and privacy.

Through our fast, secure and verifiable system, we enable value exchange for trade partners across industries, regions, and markets.
We particularly partner with trade partners interested in championing sustainability in a verifiable way.
These trade partners join our ecosystem through The Great Green Bridge, a collaborative project between Uwezo and The Africa International Finance Center.
Members of The Great Green Bridge are known as Keepers of The Bridge.

Our bridge-forward approach ensures we are interoperable with Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchains, while providing the opportunity to also integrate legacy and offline systems. Given the emphasis on blockchains that reduce carbon emissions and a rallying call across the globe for more sustainable, climate-aware practices across organizations and society, Uwezo's blockchain bridge hopes to provide the opportunity for organizations interested in sustainable trade to exchange value and to share verifiable metrics on their progress towards more sustainable practices.
Uwezo will also support organizations to make data-informed decisions around environmental conservation, resource planning, climate adaptation, and energy transitions with verifiable data.

Uwezo is currently piloting its energy-efficient blockchain bridge technology with African Central Banks, with a call to global trade partners championing sustainable practices set to go out during COP 28 2023 which will be held in the United Arab Emirates from Nov 30 - Dec 12 2023.
Interested Central Banks are encouraged to enlist to be part of Uwezo's Foundational Central Bank Keepers, while other organizations are encouraged to Join the waitlist to be notified of the Call for Global Partners.

Some of The Great Green Bridge's current partners include:
* The Center for Symbiosis
* Open Data partners across local cities, states and governments.

Uwezo is set to make a call for global trade partners and other organizations interested in championing sustainable trade during COP 28 2023.
Engage in sustainable trade opportunities, make a committment to sustainable practices, and share your verifiable impact through The Great Green Bridge.

Join our waitlist below to be notified for our Global Call for Keepers of The Bridge